Management for Modern Living.

Management for Modern Living.

Required Texts:
1.  Goldsmith, E. (2010).  Resource Management for Individuals and Families, (4th edition). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.
2.  Covey, Stephen R. (2003)  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, New York, NY: Free Press.
3.  Tyagi, A. W. & Warren, E. (2003). The Two-Income Trap. Cambridge, MA:  Basic Books. ISBN 0-465-09082-6
4.    Johnson, S (1998). Who Moved My Cheese? New York, NY: G.P. Putman’s Sons.
5.    Viktor Frankl (1946). Man’s Search for Meaning. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.
6.    Additional reading as assigned my instructor

Student Activities:
1.    Two tests (Midterm and Final) focused on the readings for the semester.
2.    Weekly quizzes on the readings for the week
3.    The Strategic Plan: Detailed plan on what you are going to do to get the job that you want when you graduate.

Methods of Instruction:
The course will be taught through lecture, power point presentations, group work, and class discussion.  The instructor will periodically provide supplementary handouts. This course works best if the student reads the assigned chapter and readings before class and then comes to class prepared to discuss the readings.  The instructor will assume that all students are prepared and will occasionally call upon the students to answer questions. It is advised to obtain a phone number/ email address from a fellow student so that you may call/ email him/ her in the event that you miss a class.  I will warn you ahead of time, notice how the Course Outline is tentative, therefore, dates for tests, due dates for papers, and chapter lectures are subject to change and will most likely change!  In other words, this syllabus is subject to change.  It is your responsibility to come to class, as it is also your responsibility to make sure you turn papers in on time and show up for class lectures and tests.

Course Policies:
Attendance and Participation: Class attendance and participation is expected and will be recorded through the completion of quizzes at the start of class. Failure to attend more than two classes (excused or unexcused) will adversely affect one’s grades.  Excessive tardiness will not be tolerated, as it is a disruption to both the instructor as well as the class.  Two tardies count as one absence.  I expect each class member to behave as an adult.  Policies and procedures regarding academic dishonesty as outlined by University policy will be adhered to in this class.
Make-up Exams: There will be no make-up exams/quizzes.  If you miss a test, your grade will be adversely affected, so don’t miss a test/quiz!
Late Assignments: All assignments are due at the start of class. No late assignments are permitted. It is the students’ responsibility to make sure the instructor receives intended emails/ assignments and to check that the grade posted on Moodle is correct. You have 24 hours from the date the grades are posted to contest them. If you fail to contest the grade within the 24 hours, you forfeit any right to contest the grade. Grades will be posted the 9:00 AM the Friday following the exam/project.
Project: All projects will be typed and submitted in a professional manner.  Proper APA citations will be expected on all work where a reference, meaning other author’s work, is used.  Plagiarized papers will receive a big fat F.  Students with English Language difficulties are required to seek the assistance of the Learning Resource Center.  You are in college; therefore all work should look professional and prove that you are indeed in college.
Grading Criteria: All papers will be graded based upon proper and correct content according to the projects’ outline.  Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and correct use of the English language are all criteria that will be graded and checked.  Again, you are in college and by now should have an understanding of correct written English.
Students with Disabilities: It is the responsibility of any student who has special needs, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to inform the instructor of this class as soon as possible so reasonable accommodation may be provided.
Cell phones, hats, and IPODS: Please turn off all cell phones before the start of class.  In addition, please remove all hats during class, tests, and quizzes.  Use of electronic devices during class is not allowed, excluding calculators.
Evaluation of Student Progress:
Grading System: Students will be evaluated in the following assignments:
Midterm                                            100 pts.
Final                                    100 pts.
Quizzes                                    120 pts
Strategic Plan                                100 pts.


No plus or minus grades given

Structure of Strategic Plan
About the Strategic Plan:
According to the U.S. Department of Labor (1997), only about 55 percent of college graduates were in jobs related to their study major four years after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The purpose of the strategic plan is to help make sure you are not part of the 45% who are not.

Using the Management Process Model, 7 Habits, personality and values test results, your time logs, your cash flow statement, and net worth statement you will construct a strategic plan for getting a job that fits your morals, values, beliefs, and personality style when you graduate.

The following are the components that should be in your plan and the point values for each section. If you fail to address any part of a section the maximum points you can earn is 50% of the total points available for that section. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU HAVE ME REVIEW IT BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT.

I.    Identification of Problem, Needs, Wants or Goal (20 pts.)
o    Tell me what your goal is for when you graduate?
o    Tell me the problem you face in getting the position you want when you graduate.
o    Tell me about the job you want when you graduate (title, salary, company, duties, start date, and about company.
II.    Clarification of Values (Personality Tests) (20 pts.)
o    Tell me about your MBTI results
o    Tell me the results of your Terminal and Instrumental Values
o    Discuss why this job, its income, responsibilities and the employer fit with your personality test results and your value test results.
III.    Resource Identification (25 pts.): (Budgets, Net Worth, & Time Use Go here)
o    Discuss the resources that are required to get the position. This includes but is not limited skills, education, personality characteristics, experience, training, time, material resources, and money.
o    Discuss the resources you currently have that satisfy the resource requirements of the job. This includes but is not limited skills, education, personality characteristics, experience, training, time, material resources, and money.
o    Discuss those resources that you still need to obtain.
IV.    Decide, Plan, Implement (25 pts Total)
o    Once you have identified the resources you still need to get, you are to construct a detailed plan on how you are going to get each one of those.
V.    Closing Comments (10 pts.)
a.    Discuss what you learned from this class and this project and how you will use it in your life.
VI.    Appendix
a.    Job Posting/Announcement
b.    Net Worth Statement
c.    Cash Flow Statement (Professor reserves the right to request supporting documentation)

d.    Two Pie Charts:
•    1st breaks down your time for the semester and the percentage of time you developed to each activity. (Professor reserves the right to request supporting documentation)

•    2nd breaks down your time into three parts: Household Work, Market Work, and Leisure (Professor reserves the right to request supporting documentation)

Special Notes: The plan is to get the job you want when you graduate not several months or years after you graduate. The plan should be very detailed. Your goals must fit the acronym SMART. You can’t simply say that part of your plan is to get to a Masters.  You will need to tell me when you will apply for graduate school, where you are planning to apply, what degree you are pursuing and the classes that you will be taking every semester or quarter.  If you don’t have the money to pay for your Masters, tell me how you are going to get it. If your net worth statement shows you to be in deep debt and the job you want doesn’t pay much, discuss how this fits within your values.

FCS 320 Resource Management: Management for Modern Living
Tentative Course Outline
Day    Topic    Assignment Due    Chapter
1/23    Orientation    None    None
1/30    Chapter 1    Quiz 1: Chapters 1 in RM     1 in R.M  & Two Income Trap, Covey (Inside Out)
2/6    Chapter 2    Quiz 2: Chapter 2 in RM, Two-Income, Covey (Overview & Habit 1)     2 in R.M, Two Income Trap, Covey (An Overview & Habit 1)
2/13    Chapter 3    Quiz 3: Chapter 3 RM & Two Income, and Habit 2    3 in R.M, Two Income Trap, Covey (Habit 2)
2/20    Chapter 4    Quiz 4: Chapter 4, Two Income Trap, Covey Habit 3    4 in R.M, Two Income Trap, Covey (Habit 3)
2/27    Chapter 5    Quiz 5: Chapter 5 RM, Two-Income Trap, Covey Habit 4    5  in R.M, Two Income Trap, Covey (Habit 4)
3/6    Chapter 6    Quiz 6: Chapter 6 RM, Chapter 6 Two-Income, Covey Habit 5
Midterm 1-6    6 in R.M, Two Income Trap, Covey (Habit 5)
3/13    Chapter 13    Quiz 7: Chapter 13 in RM, Covey Habit 6, All Who Moved My Cheese    13 in R.M, All of Who Moved My Cheese, Covey (Habit 6)
3/20    Chapter 7    Quiz 8: Chapter 7 RM, Covey Habit 7    7 in R.M, Covey (Habit 7) & Man’s Search For Meaning
3/27    Chapter 8    Quiz 9: Chapter 8 in RM and Pages 1-20 in Man’s Search for Meaning Experience    8 in R.M & Man’s Search For Meaning
4/3    Chapter 9    Quiz 10: Chapter 9 in RM and Pages 21-40 in Man’s Search For Meaning    9 in RM & Man’s Search For Meaning
4/10    Spring Break
4/17    Chapter 10    Quiz 11: Chapter 10 in RM and Pages 41-96 in Man’s Search For Meaning    10 in RM& Man’s Search For Meaning
4/24    Chapter 11    Quiz 12:  Chapter 11 RM and Pages 97-136 in Man’s Search For Meaning    11 in RM & Man’s Search For Meaning
5/1    Chapter 12    Chapters 12 in RM and Pages 137-154 in Man’s Search For Meaning     12 in RM & Man’s Search For Meaning
5/8    Final Day of Formal Classes
Man’s Search for Meaning
Lecture on Covey
Who Moved My Cheese    Project Due    Man’s Search For Meaning,
Lecture on Covey, Who Moved My Cheese
5/15    FINAL