Management Information Systems (MIS 301)

Management Information Systems (MIS 301)

This assignment is made of two Parts. Part 1 is about a network company that operates online games and you need to study its security analysis. Part 2 is about biometric authentication technology and you need to study its merit.

Part 1: Problem Description
ABC network company operates online game sites used by about 16 million people in over 100 countries. Players are allowed to enter a game for free, but they must buy digital assets from ABC such as swords to fight dragons for example. The games can accommodate millions of players at once and are played simultaneously by people all over the world.
Your task is to prepare a security analysis for this Internet-based business.  The analysis should answer the following questions:
•    What kind of threats should the company anticipate?
•    What steps can the company take to prevent damage to its Web sites and continuing operations?

Part 2: Biometric Authentication
Many organizations use the technology of biometric to authenticate users. The authentication process permit only authorized users to get access to the organization resources whether it is information systems or otherwise. First define what is biometric authentication? Then discuss the merit of this technology by providing its advantages and disadvantages.

Deliverables and Marking Criteria

•    You are required to prepare a report that include:
a)    A cover page
b)    Introduction
c)    Part 1 Answer
d)    Part 2 Answer
e)    Conclusion
f)    References

•    Students will be marked according to the following criteria:
–    Subject knowledge = (16 points)
–    Organization of material according to the above criteria (presenting information in a logical and interesting sequence which the reader can follow) = (2 points)
–    Mechanics (no misspelling or grammatical errors) = (2 points)

Students must complete the assignment and upload a copy of the report by the due date in order to pass.