management people and organisation

Assessment task 2: Essay (Individual)



Weight: Task:

This assessment contributes to the development of the following PLO:
3.1 convey information clearly and fluently in high quality written form appropriate for their audience

This addresses subject learning objective(s): 1, 2, 3 and 4


Your second assignment will build upon the argument developed in your group presentation and will consist of two parts: (1) your essay and (2) a response to your tutor’s feedback from your group presentation and summary.

Part 1: Essay

Write an academic essay of 1500 words (+/-10%) in which you further develop the arguments of your group presentation by applying them within the context of one of the following topics from the second half of the semester:

  • Managing human resources
  • Managing sustainably: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Globalisation
  • Managing communication (you will require permission from your tutor to write on this topic as there will be too little time between the lecture and essay submission due date).

Discuss the following statement:

Practices of [your chosen topic area from your group presentation] contribute to managing [your chosen topic area from essay two] with the advance of post-bureaucratic approaches


Your essay will start with a 200 (+/- 10%) word introduction presenting your overall topic, take a position and explain how you plan to use your selected references to demonstrate your overall argument, providing an overview of the structure of the entire essay.


(1100 words +/- 10%)

In the body of the essay, you are to present the structure of your argument in different paragraphs. Each paragraph should present one main idea of your argument but be linked to the preceding and following paragraphs with appropriate transitions. Discuss new insights/practices that have emerged and the underlying assumptions of these insights/practices. Compare and contrast the arguments and assumptions embedded in your different source materials (i.e. managerialism vs. Critical Management Studies or stakeholder perspectives). Approach the topic from different perspectives; whose voices are dominant or missing, what are the implications and what are the new emerging questions?


Finish your essay with a 200 (+/- 10%) word conclusion summarising your overall argument and explaining how your references have contributed to your position.


Select at least six sources from the tutorial readings and prescribed additional readings listed on UTSOnline. Supplement your argument with at least two references from other relevant quality journal articles. Illustrate your arguments by cases from the lectures or relevant reports from reputable media outlets as secondary sources. You may also draw material from the recommended textbook by Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis (2016). Provide a complete reference list at the end of your essay.

Part 2: Reflective response to Tutor’s Feedback from Assignment 1.

Your second task is to write a response, in approximately 300 words (+/-10%), to the feedback your tutor provided for your group presentation. You may want to break your response down into chunks by providing section headings. Explain, how you have used this feedback to improve the argument and presentation of your essay. Part two should be presented on a new page after the reference list from your essay.

1800 words (1500 word essay and 300 word reflection)



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