Managing Change

Managing Change

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This assignment aims to provide a further opportunity for honing conceptual skills in the area of applying relevant theory to organisational change situations. A case study on “BOEING” attached is undergoing an organisational change. Its required to analyse the case and compile a report which addresses the questions provided.In your discussion of the case you should make use of appropriate and relevant literature to support your views.

Imagine that you are an organisational development (OD) consultant who has been brought in to assist Boeing:
1. What is your analysis of what went wrong? Critically discuss what Boeing should have done to avoid this issue?
2. In your view, what change management process (model) must be structured and implemented to enhance Boeing’s competitive advantage in the market in the future? Please provide a clear justification for your proposed model.
3. What obstacles would you expect Boeing to meet in implementing your proposal? How should these obstacles be overcome?

Focus of the Report:
we expect that your answers (your report) to the questions indicated at the end of the case study will extend beyond the basic approaches presented in textbooks. Your Report, in general, will be assessed on the quality of:
– your analyses, arguments and conclusions;
– the sources of information you utilised;
– how well you used these resources in support of your arguments; and
– your referencing skills.

Word count: 2500 words ± 10% ( not including the reference list)
Font: Arial
Font size 11
All page margins: 2.5 cm
Line spacing: 1,5
References: 10 scholarly peer-previewed journal/ books
Referencing requirements: Chicago Version 16 referencing style.
Marks will be deducted if students do not follow the word count and formatting guidelines.

1.Attached is the unit outline (refer to assessment 2 – case study, page 5-6)
2.Case study document on BOEING
3.assignment outline (please follow the approach)
4. marking rubric
5. lecture notes and ppt