Market messaging plan

1. please read requirements carefully
2. Apa reference and citation
3. Use I mentioned sources




  1. This paper is about Fossil Smartwatch messaging plan
  2. In this submission, you will need to describe in detail your messaging plan for the target audiences, channels and stages of your campaign appropriate to your budget in Fossil 6, you will need to ensure that you have provided a clear plan smartwatch and its campaign. Your plan will need to include the following: correct messaging for stage of campaign, correct messaging for channel utilized, correct messaging for target audience value proposition and USP, and correct messaging considering POP or POD with competitors.
  3. There is a Campaigns: Holiday Campaign (Oct. 1 to Dec. 31)- focus on sales
  4. Smart target audiences and channel:

young active audience by using YouTube

educated busy audience by using radio

educated active audience by using TV

  1. Using resource:

Lamb, Hair, McDaniel, Kapoor, Shearer, Boivin & Appleby (2016) “MKTG, Third Canadian Edition”, w/Printed Access Card (6 months) for MindTap, Nelson Education. ISBN-13: 9780176622060.

You also need to use other source.

  1. 3 pages and double space.
  2. APA style and citation.




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