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1.‘Books are software now’ says Harper Collins UK’s digital director Nick Perrett. He believes the way we purchase, read and respond to books is being radically altered by technology. Critically evaluate this statement by contextualising your argument to the 4 p’s of the marketing mix.

2.‘Consumption is in some sense inextricably linked to personal and collective identity’ Jackson (2005). Critically evaluate the above statement through the lens of brand management.

3. Critically evaluate how the impact of Social Media (Web 2 technologies) challenges and supports established marketing theories related to advertising and promotion.

Q.4 You are the marketing manager of a European company that makes and distributes a range of childrens’ toys. Your company currently does business with a wide range of retail outlets across the European Union and the USA. Your company is considering expanding its international marketing into a Less Developed Country (LDC).
Identify the key points the company should consider when targeting consumers in LDCs.

Q.5 Compare and contrast both the theoretical and practical implications of viewing Marketing as an Art compared with viewing Marketing as a Science.

Q.6Critically appraise the value of developing a network approach to collaborative business-to-business (B2B) relationships.
You should use appropriate models to illustrate your answer.


Critically evaluate the continued relevance of segmenting the market by traditional demographic variables. You should include examples from a product category of your choice to help illustrate your argument.

Answer each question alone and each answer should take half a page.

Use relevant examples to support your claims

Consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats depending on the question

Critical Evaluation not just description

Mention few key authors (maybe 2 for each subject)