Marketing, The research proposal will involve identifying a researchable question,
reviewing relevant literature,
specifying a set of research questions or hypotheses, and proposing a study to answer the research questions or test the hypotheses.

you are required to develop a complete research design including literature review, conceptual framework, research questions or hypotheses, sampling plan, methods of data collection (including measurement and scaling of test variables), and techniques to be used in data analysis.
The final proposal submission should include the following headings:
 Introduction – An Overview of the Proposed Research
 Importance of the topic – study rationale and research objectives
 Literature Review – Concepts and Principles, Theory, Empirical Studies
 Conceptual / theoretical framework.
 Research questions and hypotheses.
 Research design and methodology – Sampling, Data collection method, Data collection instrument and proposed techniques for data analysis and to test each individual hypothesis.
 References

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