After reading Chapter 6, Recognizing and Dealing with Customer Turnoffs, answer the following “Review the Facts” on page 105, and complete the following questions: 1, 4 and 5.

1. Look back on your own experiences as a customer and identify situations when little things have made a difference in your buying decision. Identify examples of places you have stopped doing business. What little things pushed you out of the zone of indifference into the dissatisfied range? Be as specific as possible and remember that often dissatisfaction comes from a series of truly small, almost insignificant turnoffs. Categorize these reasons for leaving according to the three turnoffs described in this chapter.

4. What specific actions can companies take to best identify potential turnoffs? How does classifying them as value, systems, and people turnoffs become useful to organizational leaders?

5. Why do customers whose problems are addressed and rectified become even more loyal? What do we mean by a “value proposition”? What are some of the questions one should consider when defining a value proposition? Who determines what that proposition will be for a given company?

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