Marketing of  Services

Academic Year 2015

Course leader  Ian Norman


Percentage of final grade given 40%

3000 words  each of the four parts is equal in word  length


Objectives :

This assessment aims to test the students based on the following intended  learning outcomes

  • Understand the salient features of services marketing
  • Explain and analyse the design of quality service marketing
  • Understand how loyalty can be achieved through services marketing
  • Evaluate the channels by which services are delivered including digital technology.


Project description:

Select a specific known service organization and research the following .

  • What factors affect the value of customers to the organisation ?
  • Critically analyse the efforts that the organisation takes to reach these customers. What monitoring is in place to show success?
  • How has technology enabled the organisation to expand its message?
  • Critically reflect upon possible new strategy / tactics that the organisation could carry out in its marketing.


Format of the project :

  • The report should display a coherent structure title page should include students name , module name ,lecturer name, date and school name followed by contents page , introduction , executive summary , content as set out in description ,references  and if appropriate appendices.
  • The project should be prepared neatly typed using Tines new Roman 12 points with double spacing and page numbering. Spell check the  work and  ensure the  project is grammatically correct.
  • All sources must be referenced in the text and full bibliography must be provided in the Harvard style . This must also include any websites visited. Paraphrasing or direct quotes  taken from other sources  must be clearly  indicated with citations. No footnoting.
  • Students are reminded that depth relevance and variety are the crucial elements of quality research. Wikipedia is not considered to be a relevant source of information , any student referencing Wikipedia will be deducted marks
  • Submission should be by the deadline and should include a hard copy to the lecturer and an electronic copy to your academic coordinator.
  • Late submissions will incur a 5% reduction in grade . After 5 days of being the student will  receive a 0 / ABS and have to resit the project .
  • All work must conform  to University regulations on cheating , collusion and plagaiarism as described in you handbook.


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