Marketing research papers can be challenging especially if you are fresh in the field. However, it does not mean that if you have not done practical marketing you cannot create an impact. Marketing is a seemingly complex field that is at the heart of every organization. It is almost impossible to include untrue data in your report because this is a very sensitive field. Unfortunately, the global business trends are fast changing and every one in the current world is required to have some sound knowledge in this area. Whether you are a student, a doctor, a travel agent, or a driver, you may be required to carry out some marketing research some time during your life time.


Marketing is a discipline that seeks to create awareness about the existence of a product with an aim of increasing its market presence and improve the brand positioning. It is a field that is closely related with many other disciplines, and the backbone of every business operation. The following aspects should be given a lot of consideration before submitting your research report:




Include a punchy title that captures the key variables under investigation.


Executive summary


It is recommended that every business paper include an executive summary to guide the reader. This section is very important as it gives an overview of the research problem. It sets the tone for the rest of the report, and summarizes the whole report in just a few lines. This section determines whether the reader should continue reading or stop at the introduction.




When writing a marketing research paper, ensure that the goal is clear in mind. Most marketing reports are meant to be presented before a panel. It is important to write the paper in a way that facilitates easy identification of key points and major statistical information. You can use bullets to highlight key points.


Remember to subdivide your paper in to sections fro easy reading. Include an introduction whose aim is to define the problem and explain the aim of the research, highlighting its significance to key stakeholders involved. The body discusses the main ideas in form of findings and discussion, explaining the methodology employed to obtain the information. Finally, give a conclusion and suggest recommendations that may help address your research problem or prevent such problems in the future.




Ensure that you use simple language. Your report is likely to be used by many people to add to their knowledge, and therefore it is important to write for a wide audience. Limiting your report to a narrow coverage minimizes the benefits of your paper therefore making it inappropriate for mass consumption.




Most reports will include complex and technical data which will require visual aids for further clarifications. If you have included technical information in your paper such as flow charts, graphs and time lines, ensure that you annex such graphics at the appendix section of your paper.




There is a possibility that you will consult many sources during the report write up. This is because marketing tends to deal with financial information, statistical figures and that which is not always available from primary sources. For instance, you may visit a company website to confirm its financial performance for some specified duration. When such resources are used, you are advised to attribute your sources appropriately and consistently, according to the acceptable in text citation and referencing standards.


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