modern technology- effects on children

modern technology- effects on children

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Argumentative (Persuasive) Essay Guidelines
1. At least 2,000 words in length (not including Works Cited). You should be able to see the number of words you have written at the bottom of your screen. This is approximately 7 pages.
2. 8-12 sources. (Don’t use a source if you haven’t referred to it in your paper.)
3. Use MLA standards for format and citations. Refer back to the MLA packet that can be found at the DBU Writing Center
• 1” margins all around
• Double spaced (no extra spacing before/after title or between paragraphs)
• Typical 4-line header on the first page
• Your last name and page number within the header on the right-hand side of
• Center title after 4-line heading (NO separate title page)
• In-text parenthetical citations (for quotes or facts)
• Works Cited page (do not include annotations, only the works).
• Be sure to spell authors and their works correctly.
4. Organization: Follow the outline you have used in your prospectus, taking my corrections into consideration.

(Outline- prospectus) to go off off
Primary Claim (Thesis statement for your argument):

Simply state your tentative thesis statement.


State why this claim is relevant to your audience. Use the key vocabulary terms of the rhetorical situation. Refer to Chapter Two of Perspectives on Argument as needed.

Relevant Research:

List the primary research, such as expert testimonies, relevant data, and anecdotes, you plan to use to support your primary claim.

List the counter arguments you will need to address as well.


Discuss how you plan to present your argument.