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National Monument Assignment {NM}



There are three parts to this assignment: (1) a list, (2) a research essay, and (3) a Originality Report. First, go online, find, and print out an up‑to‑date list of all the U. S. National Monuments (both those that are in the United States National Park System and those that are not). Do not use a list found in an open source such as Wikipedia. Print out your list so that it shows the URL (i.e., web address) or Permalink where you found it. Second, select one of the National Monuments from the list (but NOT the Statue of Liberty), and write a 1000-word informative research essay about it. Make sure you are writing about a National Monument and not something with a similar-sounding, but different, designation (like a National Memorial). Your essay should adhere to the Modern Language Association (MLA) essay format and use 12 point Times New Roman typeface throughout. See The Bedford Researcher for information on MLA essay format, and use the MLA practice template (that was discussed in class) to format your sources on your essay’s Works Cited page. MLA’s own website (see ) also has guidance on working with the MLA practice template and on adhering to MLA style. Incorporate into your essay at least one item that you have borrowed from a secondary source (e.g., fact, quote, idea, statistic, observation, et cetera), and document that source according to MLA requirements. This means that your paper should have at least one parenthetical in‑text citation as well as a Works Cited page where full bibliographic information about your source(s) is presented in the format MLA requires. Examples of appropriate secondary sources to borrow from include a book, magazine, journal, pamphlet, newspaper, film, encyclopedia, videotape, et cetera, but do not borrow from an open source like Wikipedia. Third, submit your essay to and print out its full Originality Report. In order for your paper to earn credit, the Originality Report must include a word count and show that your paper’s Similarity Index is 24% or lower. On or before the announced due date, hand in hard copies of (1) your list of National Monuments, (2) your completed research essay (in MLA essay format), and (3) your essay’s Originality Report. As always, follow the conventions of standard edited American English. Please be your own editor and proofreader!

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