MOP Research Work

I don’t need a very long research work. I just need each topic to be covered.

Medical Office Procedures


This course has been designed to provide the students basic medical office procedures to achieve administrative and clinical competencies.  Medical Assisting, for many years an integral part of most physicians’ daily activities, now fulfil an ever-expanding and varied role in the medical office, both clinically and administratively.  With increased responsibilities, however, comes for a greater need for professional knowledge and skills and the understanding of their application to real-life or on the job situations.  When professional competency is achieved in the classroom, less of a gap should exist between the academic world and the real world, and thus the transition from student to practicing professional medical assistant is made more easily.


  1. First Student Activity – Research Work


  1. The students enrolled in this course are assigned to submit a research on the topics outlined


  1. Each topic/topics information collected must be accompanied with good references

copyrighted from 2010-2017 like books and  author, web references, video references, etc.

  1. Format:  Font:  Arial/Times New Roman, size 12, Short bond paper, spacing 1.5,
  2. Submission of Research Work: (soft copy only) on or before March 25, 2018.


Medical Office Procedures

Course Outline – Topics


Part I – Introduction to Medical Assisting

  1. Modern Trends in Health Care System
  2. Part of the Medical Office
  3. Medical Specialties
  4. Practice Types
  5. The Personnel in the Medical Office
  6. The Medical Assistant / Duties and Responsibilities
  7. Ethics and Law for the Medical Office
  8. Interacting with Patients


Part II –  The Administrative Component

  1. The Medical Record
  2. Concept
  3. Types of Medical Records
  4. Taking a Health History
  5. Documentation in the Medical Record
  6. Medical Records Management


  1. Telephone Techniques
  2. Scheduling Appointments
  3. Managing Finances
  4. Maintaining Daily Financial Activities
  5. Maintaining Patient Accounts
  6. Banking Activities
  7. Other Financial Accounts
  8. Medical Coding
  9. Billing and Collections


Part III.  The Medical Assistant as Office Manager

  1. Medical Office Management
  2. Maintaining the Office
  3. Routine Maintenance
  4. Patient and Employee Safety
  5. Maintaining Equipment and Supplies
  6. Creating Environment for Teamwork
  7. Risk Management


Part IV.  Employment Opportunities

  1. Obtaining Job Employment
  2. Tools for Job Search
  3. Planning for Job Advancement



  1. Final Activity – Medical Office Visit with Documentation- Dateof Submission:  March 25, 2018


                Visit one medical office, preferably your company’s medical office, observe and describe the medical office applying the topics you have gained from your research work.


For example :  Topic I.  The EAC Medical Office

  1. Parts of the EAC Medical Office
  2. Type of Practice
  3. Personnel Duties and Responsibilities


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