Moral Business – ″Dumping″: U.S. products not approved by the FDA or other U.S. agencies, sold to developing countries: Is this right? (moral). If products are not good enough for Americans, our children, then why is it moral for companies to sell them

Grading: Argument Paper Prof J Giddings
As stated on the Syllabus:
An “A” paper is excellent. An “A” paper is focused with an explicit thesis statement
(or position/claim if an argumentative paper). It exhibits a clear, effective and
organized line of thought as well as a thorough understanding of the material. It has
no English usage problems, no problems with format, anticipates possible objections
to its point of view (or directly considers an opposing view if an argument), supports
the thesis (or position) with research and/or premises, and frequently provides
pertinent citations to make its case. All borrowed ideas or words are cited whether
using a direct quote or not. The writer’s “voice” is firm, confident, and clear. The
paper assignment meets the directive completely.
• 1 misspelling and 1 MLA format mistake = no deduction
• The paper is discounted 4 points for each format infraction
• 2nd and subsequent spelling error = 3 points each
• Lack of clear thesis sentence (position; argument) = 30 point loss. Without a clear
sentence stating the argument, the paper has no direction and does not follow the
• Syntax, grammar, punctuation, proper transition sentences = @ 5 point loss each
• Sentences which make no sense at all; the information is not under the control of the
writer = 5 point loss per sentence
• Lack of organization = 5-10 points depending on the problem
• Overall lack of following directions = the instructor will try to give some points but if
the paper does not meet the assignment it will render 0 points.
• Anything that is required by MLA that is not included in the paper will lose points @
6 points each.
• The Works Cited page is formatted correctly. Any works consulted but not cited in
the paper must be listed under Works Consulted. Therefore, your Works Cited page
looks like this:
Works Cited
List works you have used and cited within the paper, either direct quotes or paraphrased
Works Consulted
Listed any books, or journal essays you have consulted but decided not to use. This is good
scholarship and ensures you have not plagiarized.

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