Paper details:
A. First, read widely about topics in electronics and computer technology. I recommend you record references as you go about reading or at least capture web links and titles. Ultimately you will be required to list citations and furnish annotated hardcopy of all documents used – see below.

B. Identify the research problem – a topic area where the literature (what you have been reading about) discusses an issues or issues that are causing problems, costing businesses money or is or might be a potential issue in the future.

Develop the research question (state the problem), for example: What data reliability and security issues exist in using wireless sensor technology in industrial processes? Or: How data reliability and security issues can be mitigated in the application of wireless sensor technology in industrial processes. This must be a concise one-sentence statement labeled as your problem statement. (see Bb articles on writing a problem statement)

After the problem statement, write single sentences that answer the following questions (5W’s):
i. Who?
ii. What?
iii. When?
iv. Where?
v. Why?

Post a document in Bb that lists your problem statement one-sentence and the answers to the 5 W’s.

C. Commence your research paper writing by making a draft outline of the major sections of the document (see Bb handout on outlining a research paper).

D. Final document: The document should follow APA 6th edition formatting. A number of examples exist on the web. APA citations and reference formatting must be followed. As a rule, every paragraph should have a new citation, unless the citation from the previous paragraph still applies.
a. Include a title page.
b. Include an abstract. The abstract is a summary which states the problem, reiterates the key points from the literature and states your conclusion. The abstract should be written last and located just behind the title page.
c. Next an Introduction section which provides the information necessary for the reader to understand the problem statement, which should be written at the end of the introduction.
d. Next use as many heading as necessary to delineate the major points you found in your literature research. Any pictures, diagrams or tables listed should be clearly cited.
e. You may state your personal conclusions in this paper if you wish. If you state the conclusion of others, then those should be cited.
f. The reference list should follow APA format requirements.
g. The document should be double spaced.

E. PowerPoint
a. Develop a PPT file or stand-alone graphic file that summarizes your research paper. It should include:
i. Title slide
ii. Statement of the problem
iii. A slide for each major key point
iv. A Conclusion slide
v. A copy of your reference list on slides
vi. An “end” slide

F. Portfolio – Turn in your final document(s) in a binder. The quality of the cover will not be graded. Include the following in hardcopy (4 sections) in the following order:
a. Copy of your problem statement & 5 W’s
b. Copy of your final document
c. Copy of each article or white paper from your reference list. Use a yellow highlighter to mark in the articles or white papers – where each citation in the body of your paper came from.
d. Copy of the PPT