When writing a narrative essay it is important to follow the instructions given especially if it is for academic purposes if otherwise applies and you are intending to write on a formulated topic it is advisable to choose one that you can narrate excellently. Before the actual writing you are required to make a preparation by outlining how ideas will be narrated to the audience. Narrative essay is formatted into introduction, body and conclusion.


In this section you are supposed to first give a general overview of the topic of discussion to usher in the reader to the fundamentals of the topic. In this case you can a small anecdote. In addition the purpose of the narrative essay is given in a thesis form in order to catch the interest of the reader and direct him to the specific issue to be discussed. It is important to note that the introduction part should be brief and concise.


This is the most important part of a narrative essay. In essence, it is where the writer gives detailed information about the topic of discussion and gives the whole story in an organized way. The narration in this case is given in a derived order depending on the type of the narration being given. In the narration essay there must be a particular flow of sentences from the first to the last hence you must establish a pattern that suits the essay to avoid mixing issues. If the narration does not follow this principle and the episodes are given in a haphazard manner it might end up being ambiguous and vague to understand. When writing the body gives an account of all the characters in the story and give a description of the events to make the audience feels as part of the story. Further, account for the correlation between different characters and the part they are playing in the story. When writing the story you have to use past tense or alternatively past perfect tense and also make surer you use the correct language pronunciations to the narration losing meaning. In addition various stytlic devices like dialogue, humor and repetition. These devices give narration the authenticity that it requires. These devices however should be used in the correct manner and they should reflect the meaning they are poised to give in the narrative. Apart from this you are supposed to s describe things like sounds, appearances and anything that would make the story sound interesting and lively. You are cautioned not to include irrelevancies in the narrative and give the only pertinent part to stay on course as you write a narrative essay. In this case explain whatever concerns the topic and specifically focus on the main theme of the narrative.


In narrative essay conclusion is described as parting section. In this case you should give a summary of the essay stating the main parts of the essay. Analyze whatever that you wanted the reader to understand and give the theme of the essay in very short words. Conclusion further gives appropriate parting words to the audience just like in a drama. Make sure the audience has not being left hanging hence give words that are conclusive and signal the audience you have ended the narrative

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