next week Should be dan

next week Should be dan

1)-Summary for 3 article will attach the articles will be 3 articles should summaries Etch one of the 3 articles should be in separate page etch page suppposed to be from 300to 400 words

2)-answer the 2. questions In the discussion etch discussion supposed to be separate Etch from 200to 250in the discussion by writing an article and next steps respond for one or more of my classmates as when my classmates answered the the question which all of students should answer it but we should not Have the saim ansewr as etch other..So my
answer should not be as what my classmates wrote so I can respond to their articles by my opinion about what they wrote (will send you an example of what they have dan .

So the Sami thing with the 2 discussion
Writing answer as an article then respond for one or two of my classmates

Will attach the articles the questions for discussion (an example of my classmates how they write the discussion how shod reply for etch other

In addition 600 words about videos so summarize them etch from 300 to400

Also will send the dr expectations and

In addition if the prof give me A+would hire the writer for the rest of bot the articles and the discussions I have a lot of them so I prefer one writer to complete the rest

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