Interview a Nurse Leader (Chief Nurse, Associate Chief Nurse, Director, Supervisor, Manager), or an Advanced Practice Nurse with leadership responsibilities (Nurse Educator, Nurse Quality Specialist, CNS, NP, Nurse Risk Manager, Nurse Case Manager, etc.) who has a Master’s Degree and write a paper on the results of that interview. The major sections of your Interview Guideline can serve as the major headings of your paper. For example, you should have a heading: Assessment of the role of the advanced practice nurse.

Include a review of the literature to support the writing of the major sections of your paper. Write a 7-8 page paper in APA format (6th edition). This page count does not include your title page, abstract, and reference list. Use at least 5-6 citations in the paper and follow the Interview Guideline posted (attachment provided)

To review how to write an abstract review:
1. How to Write an Abstract by Rutgers University.
2. Writing an abstract: Tips for success from the University of Massachusetts.
3. Sample Research Essay with Abstract
(Attachments provided)
Remember that abstracts are typically a paragraph of 300 words or less that summarize the important points of your paper or research and assist the reader to decide whether to review the entire paper or study. Please review sample abstracts before writing one for your paper.
Nurse Leader Interview Paper Grading Rubric (attachment provided)

Make sure you title every topic you are covering as stated on Rubric (Follow the rubric)
*rubric, guidelines and samples uploaded please follow
*Must have 5-6 scholarly peered review references, citations and paper must be 7-8 pages.

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