To provide primary health care services to clients across the life-span. Historically, health promotion activities have not been emphasized in primary care. However, as a primary care provider (PCP) you will have opportunities to promote health in every client encounter.

When a client visits you for care you have a captured audience. You have a small window of opportunity, just a moment, to have a conversation about lifestyle choices (smoking, eating, sleeping, stress, etc.), review the applicable immunization status, and to review applicable screening recommendations. That is a lot to consider in a 12-18-minute clinic visit.

The assignments that follow will help you begin to develop resources you can use in your practice for promoting health and preventing disease. Much of what you do as a Nurse or Healthcare provider involves client teaching and counseling. It is important that you learn the importance of the standards of care in promoting health and in preventing illness.

Assigned age group is Old-old (frail elders, mid 70’s, 80s and 90s yrs of age)
Summary of Healthy People 2020 goals and identifying reliable websites:
(1) Carefully review the Healthy People 2020 document summarize the national goals for the target age group (should be no more than 3 written pages).
(2) Identify and describe a minimum of 3 reliable websites with information for health practices in the target age group that can serve as resources for professional and lay persons.

Comprehensive summary of the Health People 2020 goals for the target age group. Three (3) or more reliable web site identified and described e.g. US Preventive Health Services
Presented in no more than three (3) slides or deduction applies. THIS MUST BE A SUMMARY, not a listing. Edit, edit, edit…


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