Nursing Research

As the term suggests, a nursing paper relates to the discipline of health care. If the student is to write a detailed plan to be implemented at the research field, this written compilation is termed a research proposal. So, nursing paper is commonly understood to mean a conventional essay but in the nursing field. Nurses and professionals in health care have to write research papers at different stages of their learning. As mentioned earlier, nursing papers are structurally i.e. their form and style, conventional essays. They can be informative when they are intended to explain on an issue of interest such as particular body disorder. They can also be descriptive if they require an imagination of a situation for instance describing events in a disease outbreak that has not yet happened. A third form is the cause-and-effect form which requires a phenomenon be traced to the circumstances that produced it; or how its existence modifies an environment. Argumentative essays are also common in nursing where the nurse is expected to qualify their opinion on a controversial issue.

Nursing, as a specialized science, requires a great deal of research. Referencing information should be sourced from authoritative sources such as journals and medical books. There are also websites that host online journal in nursing. Generally, professional ethics and technicality of nursing are the main reasons why authoritative information is not as readily available as that for the Arts.

Here is a guideline to writing a quality nursing paper. To begin with, understand the type of writing required. The type could be informative, argumentative, cause-and-effect or descriptive. Just as a reminder, in case a field research is expected, then a research proposal is required. The second step is to understand the instructions on the paper. There are some instructions that require reference from specified sources e.g. American Journal of Nursing.

After understanding the instructions, a broad research then follows. The writer should gain adequate information on the topic. Argumentative essays especially require that the writer be aware of divergent views on an issue. Nursing journals are a reliable reference for current trends in the field of nursing. Initially, browse through the journal abstracts to select the article to delve in later.

In the third step, take deep research from the identified materials of reference. While studying the material, note down the key points in the articles or book chapters. You may find it helpful to organize thought with a research plan.

The fourth step involves composing a research draft. This is a sketch that puts together the noted study points. As you fit together the points, gaps needing further study emerge. That is why an outline of reference material is a useful strategy to locating information easily.

In the final step the essay is checked to form coherent flow. The essay is read through to be sure that it flows logically. References are acknowledged in the bibliography and grammar errors are corrected. Formatting is done to reflect a standard citation outlook. A re-reading of the final compilation would note hidden mistakes.

Here are some examples of topics in nursing. A discussion on breast cancer fits an informative essay. More informative essay topics are cardiopulmonary disease, nursing theories, nursing homes among others. Acceptability of male nurses forms an argumentative essay. Causes and effects of breast cancer is an example of cause-and-effect essay.


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