organization development project

organization development project

Guide line for organization development project:

Based on the organization of your choice ( SABIC ) a Chemical manufacturing company in Saudi arabia

Please read the other attached file for more information about SABIC, me and my group did an interview with a worker in SABIC and ask him about the company change and other question.
Use it as a resource and also include it in the research.

I.    Research and Observe Process:  Following are the questions your group is to research:
a.    Describe the organization (SABIC) :  Mission, kinds of products/services, size, number of employees, departments, leadership, etc.

b.    What kind of culture exists in SABIC?

c.    What is the need for change in SABIC ; and in what ways does the organization seek to change? What approach is the organization taking to change?  (Stage 1)

d.    What external and internal factors are influencing the change in SABIC?
e.    Who are the designated “change agents” – who is managing the change process in SABIC?  (Stage 2)

f.    Describe the “diagnostic” process at work. (Stage 3)

g.    What key interventions are being applied to the change in SABIC? (Stage 4)

h.    What kind of resistance to change is the organization experiencing both from individuals and systemic?

i.    What challenges does change present to SABIC?

j.    What aspects of the “learning organization” model are at work in the change process in this organization?
i.    Discuss Personal Mastery at work.
ii.    Discuss Team Learning at work.
iii.    Discuss Systems Thinking at work.
iv.    Discuss Mental Models at work.

II.    Analyses Component.  Now that you have researched the change process in SABIC. Put on your critical thinking hats to write a narrative that answers these questions:
a.    What key “patterns” or “themes” do you recognize in the organizations change process?
b.    From what you have learned in class and about this organization, what alternative strategies would you apply to this change process?
c.    What are some best practices that other organizations can learn from this organization?

III.    The Process for Managing Your Project Group
a.    Final papers need to written in APA standard format

IV.    Letter of Appreciation:  At the conclusion of your research, your group must write a letter of appreciation to the organization in which you conducted the research.  In the letter please state a positive summary of your findings and that a full report is available to the sponsoring organization upon their request..  A copy of the letter needs to be attached to your report.


with Mohammed Nasir Alhooti ( a marketing analyst

What is the change that affect Sabic the most?

In 2005, Sabic shifted all the process and transaction from manual to a systematic. “Fanar” is a system that create data base and it can be precessed, managed, and generate report.

How Sabic implement “Fanar System” ?

Sabic HR created a comity from many department and where involved in transforming the entire data from the old way to the new system, it took more than two years and preformed three stages; relaunch stage, launch stage, and after launch.

Did the employee resist the change?

Yes, it did.

What the obstacles the had when they implement “Fanar System”?

Employees face obstacle in the begging and where resisting the change due to first Fear of the unknown because they used to use the manual system, second uncertainty of going out of the comfort zone, and finally, going out of the norms and culture they used to be.

Do you think it is improving the culture of Sabic ?

Yes, it is.

How will “Fanar System” help improve Sabic culture?

It increases the accuracy in many aspects, such as deliveries, sales ,financial statements, inventories, KPI, employees performance, and career development.