paragraph essay

When writing a paragraph essay it is important to follow the instructions that have been provided especially if it is for academic purposes. Alternatively if it is an essay from areas of interest it is advisable to choose a topic that one is conversant with. A five paragraph essay should be organized into introduction, body one paragraph, body two paragraph, body three paragraph and conclusion.


The introduction of a five paragraph essay should start with general statement of the essay to give the reader an idea of what is about to be discussed. Further, it is important to give an anecdote to make the reader understand general things about the topic being addressed. The anecdote should be intriguing enough to persuade the reader to concentrate on the essay. Finally, give a thesis statement about the topic, which also will address the specific thing the essay is about for instance if the essay is about a book it should feature in the thesis statement.


Body one paragraph addresses the thesis statement and further gives the theme of the essay. It is important to outline the reasons why the theme was selected and give some supporting evidence backing your arguments. The paragraph should address one theme to avoid being ambiguous and vague. If the evidence that you have to support the theme is more than one you are required to give it in order to win the confidence of the reader and show that you have versatile knowledge about the theme. The paragraph should be wrapped up with sentence summarizing what have been addressed in the paragraph. In this case, detailed information is not required but it is imperative to give a general sentence about the theme.


Just like body paragraph one a transitional sentence is given to introduce the second theme of the essay. The sentence should be able to connect the first paragraph theme with the second paragraph theme. The second theme should be divorced from the first one to avoid repetition of facts. This body paragraph should also consist the supporting evidence of the theme that is been discussed. In essence, the rules of the first paragraph apply till the end but the content is focused on the specific theme of the paragraph.


The rules of the first two paragraphs apply in this section. The opening sentence is a transition from the second theme to the third theme. All the rules of the second and first paragraph apply to this paragraph.


The conclusion wraps up the whole essay. There is a need to write a very conclusive essay, which addressed each and every part of the essay. It is hence important to give details about introduction and how there was a prove about the details given in the introduction. Further, show how the thesis was addressed by the themes. The information given in the paragraph bodies is also outlined and the evidence is re ascertained. It would be of great help if extra information about the essay is given to stump authority that the information provided is reliable. A mini thesis statement is required in this type of essay to repeat the idea of the topic to the reader in order to make sure that by the time the essay is complete the ideas have been fine tuned to the satisfaction of the reader.

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