Pepsi&CO ( Business Report) SWOT PROJECT


Final Business Report

(This report must be uploaded as a Microsoft Word Document)



Your report will start with a summary of the Corporation you are following. This summary must contain an accurate statement of corporate revenue, earnings (profit) and dividends paid. It will explain how the corporations is organized Nationally and Internationally, giving proper names to its operating centers and activities, and identify its key business activities.

The report introduction will include a paragraph which clearly states your opinion on the outlook for this company.

SWOT Instructions

Your SWOT must contain 2 bullet points per box.  Each bullet should follow the guidelines presented below. There are suggested topics at the end of the instructions for each of your corporations. Please go back through your assignments and discussions to review research you, and others, have done. Be sure to improve upon and provide additional research from anything which was previously submitted by you or another student working on your Corporation. Do not copy their work and do not merely copy an article you had read.


  • Appropriate brief subject with footnote # at its end. Carry forward of same subject to the appropriate annotated footnote section. SWOT subject is a brief but clear topic.  It is never a full sentence, so you would not write There are continuing changes in GE’s top leadership. Rather it would be more like Top Leadership Changes. As these are not to be complete sentences there is no period at their end but there is a footnote number1which is the same number that item will be given in the annotation.


  • Placement of subject in appropriate SWOT Box. Not all items are strengths. Sometimes items may belong in multiple boxes depending on how you view them so for example Leadership may belong in both Strengths and Weaknesses, but certainly not as a threat.


  • Accurate and complete reporting of information about Bulleted topic. Proper inline citations used to avoid plagiarism. Historical perspective. Competitive perspective.


  • Use of business terminology from the text and proper application of concepts. For example, if Experienced Leadership is identified as a strength, return to sections in the text about today’s manager, Ethical Leadership, Management & Leadership. Discuss how this individual’s or leaderships skills will help the company.  What is their expertise.  What problems do they face?  Many of these same areas obviously must be discussed if leadership is a weakness.


  • Each footnote must include its own URLs. Each foot note must include at least 2 sources and only one may be from the corporate web site.  Any URL using the corporate web site must be to the page the data or information came from. Sources will be evaluated on currency (how old is it), and its own acceptance as a valid resource.  Remember Wikipedia may not be cited, and blogs may not be used unless the blog is itself well footnoted. There is no cumulative Bibliography or Resource section.


  • Remember, business decisions are data driven so your items and analysis must be data driven.


  • Each footnote must be at least 3 paragraphs, using appropriate rules of grammar, employing business terminology, and referencing by Chapter & page related textual concepts.
    • One paragraph will summarize the topic.
    • Another will analyze and provide historical, competitive, or business perspective.
    • And finally, one will explain it relationship to relationship boxes – See how strength is related to both opportunities and threats. Explain these relationships.


GE Topics:

  • Past (10 years) and Present Restructuring
  • Leadership
  • Product Mix
  • S. Economic Environment
  • International Operations
  • Planning Issues (This is a broad topic and you may narrow it)
  • Marketing


Pepsi Cola:

  • Leadership
  • S. Economic Environment
  • Product Mix
  • International Operations
  • Advertising/Marketing (Must use example of specific advertising campaigns or marketing strategy
  • Planning Issues (This is a broad topic and you may narrow it)
  • Consumer dietary habits domestically and internationally


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