personal letter to the university


Personal letter to university

The personal letter is important when applying for real competence.

In the letter it will clearly state what knowledge you believe you have, how you acquired them and on which one Do you think your qualifications correspond to the eligibility requirements for the requested education. Relevant merits can be come from working life, community life, international visits, staff training or other course activities.

I am coming from working life. I have worked as a bus driver (service job) and
I am self-employed have a taxi company.

Describe my competence ……………………………………….
Keep in mind that you will describe the skills and skills you have on the basis of the pre-requisite requirements for the requested education.
I do not have math 2 but I have learned by leading my company that is required to handle which goes very well. and can complete the education I’m applying for. (specially authorized).  It will be including to the letter.  The education that I will applying for is socionomy.  It must be a perfect letter that is very important. you should describe very clear and prefect to them about my competes what I have done and the relation to the education ( socionomy ).

It must be a good motivation to the chosen education.

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