personal statement

Personal statements are mainly used in admission of students in a certain field of continuity studies. They are intergral part of student admission Services. They are used by higher institutions of learning to gauge the qualification and willingness of the applicant and therefore determine their suitability. Personal statements are used when applying for an entry in a university or college for a certain career, including law, medicine and business. Personal statements can be very difficult when writing and at times frustrating. Personal statements require one to discuss your capabilities and goals you intend to make after being in a certain institution. Personal statements can also be viewed as an application form one writes to join a university as an undergraduate or a graduate student. Personal statements are supposed to follow criteria given by the university. Thus the student should use this to guide them on what to write. Most important, a personal statement should give a strong background of the applicant including their social and academic background. It should also highlight their suitability and willingness to undertake the course.  Finally, it should convince the Admission Board by highlighting what the applicant will gain and accomplish in future by pursuing the course.

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