personality psychology

personality psychology

1)    Evaluate one theory of personality covered in the course so far.
2)    Compare and contrast two theories of personality that have been covered in the course so far, i.e., Cognitive vs. Psychoanalytic, Behavioural vs. Existentialist.


Very briefly define theory or theories you will be talking about. Clearly state the goal of your paper – your thesis (see example). The paper should argue for a specific position – it should not be purely descriptive. Convince your readers! What position you argue for is up to you. The idea is to evaluate the theory or theories in some way. You may wish to consider the following: is the theory I am evaluating consistent? Testable? Ecologically valid? What are strengths and weaknesses of the theory? What criticisms have been levied against this theory? Are there other shortcomings of the theory that have not been considered yet? DO NOT simply state your arguments for why you think the theory you are evaluating is a “good” or “bad” theory – consider the counterarguments that a person with the opposite opinion might have. Tell me WHAT the limitations/strengths of the theory are – not just whether the whole theory is “bad” or “good.”

Sample questions that can help guide the structure of your paper are below. This is just one example. You can use any format you want. Feel free to be creative with the format and your arguments.

What is my main point? (thesis)

What are the arguments that support my thesis?

What are the counter-arguments (arguments against my thesis)?

How can I address the main counterarguments?

Brief conclusion that re-states the main point.

You may also wish to consult:

Critical Evaluation in Academic Writing, available on
A copy is also available on moodle. Chapter 15 may be particularly helpful when writing your paper.