persuasive essay

A persuasive is an essay in which the writer tries influence the reader to take his opinion on the subject matter. It is akin to engaging in a debate whereby you need to establish concrete Arguments and attractive evidence. The format of a persuasive essay is: introduction, main body and conclusion


The first sentence of a persuasive essay is very important because it is the one which will influence the reader either to be interested with the rest part or to discontinue with the essay. Therefore the introduction of a persuasive essay should be impressing, intriguing and capturing. Some of the ways to make an impressive lead are: giving statistical facts, quoting famous individuals, giving unusual details and starting with a rhetorical question. The introducing sentence should be formulated in such away that it is capable of outlining both the pros and cons of the subject matter. After providing an opening sentence you are required to a well formulated thesis. The thesis statement is the central part in which all the other parts of the essay are organized. A good introduction should be simple to understand and brief enough to the extent that of clarion. The ending sentence of the introduction should give a smooth transition to the next paragraph for the sake of a good flow.


The main focus in this section is to support the thesis statement of the persuasive essay. It should prove that you have the grips of the arguments you have put forward to the extent that they are reasonable and reliable. You are supposed to give substantiated evidences to the thesis and further elaborate on the grounds of making your thesis. In this case, it is important to unveil the most certain and burning issues about the topic. You are supposed to prove the thesis as well as disapprove possible opposing views. It is therefore imperative that you state the facts, argue your case quoting objective proves and disapprove your opponents in three consecutive steps. It is advisable not to give personal opinions during the first step of discussing and stating the facts. To achieve the purpose in this case it is important to quote some relevant events and vivid illustrations which will outline the significance of the topic under discussion. After illustrations, you are allowed to illustrate you personal judgment of the topic basing it on the thesis statement. This is the central part of persuasive essay and the longest. You must defend your position by showing how being informed by the facts and evidence you have used that the stance taken is the correct one. This should be the most persuasive part of the essay whereby you are poised to make derivative arguments right from introduction to stamp your authority and make facts that you have supported to be accepted and believed. The last part of this section is to refute the other side of the facts in which you are poised to deny the truth of the opposing arguments. Make sure that you state the strongest argument in the last bits of the main body in order to hook the reader’s attention to the next section.


You should first refresh the readers’ memory about the things you had cited in the introduction and the thesis statement you gave. A part from this, summarize the major points of the essay. You are allowed to make recommendations on the subject matter basing on pinion. The last sentence should be able to magnify your points as well keeping the reader in a jovial mood.


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