Instructions: In no more than a single-spaced one page in 12 point font, argue in favor of ONE of the following: Ross’s PFD, virtue ethics (i.e., offer one or more reasons to believe it true). With regard to the one you’ve NOT chosen, state a reason to believe it flawed. On behalf of an advocate of the view you’ve NOT chosen, state a criticism of your chosen view and respond to it.

[Note: you may disagree with both theories; choose the one you think closer to the truth, even if you believe both of them to probably be false. Presume objectivism true for the purposes of this assignment so as to avoid digressing from its point.]

Helpful Hint. If you’re having a hard time getting a handle on this, then the following ought to help. Focus on the central principle of each theory (its biconditional definition of right action, if it has one). Then test one or both of the conditionals against your moral intuitions; that is, try to find a counterexample. Argue in favor of the one you figure best survives counterexamples, and select against those that most suffer from them.

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