CPW 4U1: Presentation AssignmentJanuary15–17/18, 2016

You will choose one political issue listed below that needs to be solved. The issue must be of a political nature but it can be domestic or international. You are expected to present for 10 minutes on your assigned topic. You will briefly introduce the issue (location, parties involved, history, related issues, etc.) and explain why it’s currently still a problem. Then, if applicable, outline some of the previous or proposed solutions and any related problems. Finally, outline your solution is as much detail as necessary and also make predictions about the results, both positive and negative.

Please ensure that the seminar isn’t simply a series of slides that you read from (or that mirror a script in your hand). Slides should support your talk, not repeat it, and should also include relevant images, maps, graphs, etc. There should also be some interaction with class, through questions, discussion, sharing of opinions or other techniques.

You will have all A/V equipment in the class to use. It is suggested that you use a cloud based service for your files, such as Google Drive, Outlook365, or Prezi. Any videos should be very short clips that support what you are presenting. You must introduce a clip to provide context and ensure that it leads directly into what follows or is discussed in some way afterwards.

Evaluation will be based on the rubric on the next page. The presentation is worth 10% of the final grade.

The order of presentations will be determined at the same time as the order of topic selection.You must be ready to present the first day of the presentations (January 15th) as there is no set date for each presentation; we will get through as many as possible each day. Anyone absent for their turn must be verified by their parents on the attendance report and must present a note the next day in class verifying the absence and acknowledging that they were absent for their presentation. Without these, you will receive a mark of 0 (zero) for skipping the presentation.

Time will be provided in class to but students are also expected to spend a significant amount of time outside of class preparing. Students are expected to bring sufficient material to class on those days assigned for preparation.

The issues you can choose from are:

  • Climate change             – ISIS
  • corporate tax avoidance             – North Korea
  • political apathy in Canada             – political polarization in the USA
  • reforming the UN             – Israel and Palestine
  • NAFTA renegotiations             – Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Syrian refugee crisis             – Chinese territorial disputes
  • Brexit             – individual tax avoidance (Panama/Paradise Papers)
  • religious radicalization             – Rohingya crisis
  • Kashmir conflict             – PKK/Kurdish state
  • Conflict in Yemen             – Greater Sahel and Lake Chad Basin
  • South Sudan – Crimean region of Ukraine
  • food inequality – Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Global wealth gap
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