Plutarch: The Assassination of Julius Caesar, from Marcus Brutus (excerpts)


This part of your grade includes mandatory discussion board posts, for which you can earn a
potential 50 points. For the most part they are worth 5 points each, but the two movie-related posts
are each worth 10 points. Please submit them on time as you cannot make them up if they are
submitted late. There is one mandatory writing assignment for this course, the primary source
analysis. Each student must choose a primary source document of interest to him or her and
analyze it based on criteria provided by the instructor (see below, pp. 5-8). The writing assignment
is worth 50 points. If your paper is late, 10 points will be deducted from your grade for each day
it is tardy. Students are also required to read through all lecture materials posted on the course
website. The reading in the Noble textbook is recommended.

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