PMJ Cleaning Company


To write a business plan to present for consideration. The business will be a family owned cleaning company consisting of a mother and her two daughters. The business is located in Miami Florida registered, licensed, and insured in the state of Florida. The company’s target audience will be small office buildings, senior citizen homeowners, and working families whose schedule prevent them from successfully completing their household task. The company is seeking to obtain available local small business grants.  (please see attached document for additional requirements).

Please ensure the following is included in the business plan:

  1. The Executive Summary.
  2. Business Overview.
    • The legal structure
    • Business formation history
    • The type of business
    • Location
    • Means of doing business (Internet advertising, operating from home)
  3. Operations Plan. (from home until a location is procured)
  4. Market Analysis. Include an overview of the market as a whole and define the target market and plans for catering to this specific audience.
  5. Products and Services.
  6. Sales and Marketing. Outline pricing and sales information. (Please research other cleaning companies in Miami)
  7. Competitive Analysis. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your direct and indirect competitors. Demonstrate how you will gain a competitive edge against your competition.
  8. Management Team. (Family owner business)
  9. Financial Plan. Include all financial information, from startup costs to balance sheets. The financial section should outline:
    • The amount necessary to start or maintain the business
    • The amount needed over the next two, three, and even five years
    • Plans to use funds
    • Anticipated need for additional funding
    • Ongoing business expenses, including salaries, insurance costs, promotional expenses, etc.


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