Political Anthropology

Political Anthropology

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On the basis of individual library research, describe, analyze, and interpret the social, cultural, and political dynamics of an “object” from the perspective of political anthropology. You can choose from among the following topics/objects:
• A “people” or ethnic/national group (e.g., an indigenous tribe or a modern nationstate)
• A social movement (e.g., the “tea party” movement or radical environmental activism)
• A subculture (e.g., anarchist punk rock or fraternity/sorority culture)
• A socio-political conflict (e.g., the war in Vietnam or a labor struggle in a specific industry)
• A political-economic conjuncture (e.g., the relation between oil companies and indigenous peoples in the Amazon rainforest or the interactions between mining companies and indigenous peoples in Papua New Guinea)

Your paper should analyze the relations of power at play among the actors involved in your chosen area. Power dynamics might exist at the level of basic social structure or at the level of the broader visions, values, and objectives the actors hold.

You should strive to develop an anthropological understanding of the sociocultural particularity and complexity of the situation. Do your best to use the concepts and theories we’ve discussed in class.

You must use at least FIVE published, academic sources in your paper. Where possible, use works that are specifically anthropological in approach. You can use Web-exclusive content for supplementary purposes, but it cannot form the bulk of your research. You
MUST do library research.

Papers should be at least 8 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point

Times New Roman font, with one-page margins.