Political science

Writing Assignments: Expectations are that you will write at least 4-6 informed paragraphs (each paragraph being about 5-6 sentences) for the essay questions, and at least one paragraph for the short answers. The questions will come from the text and from my notes of important literatures and concepts in international politics. When answering questions, I would urge you to provide a good background of the issue in your responses. Then go about demonstrating your points with specific examples and substantial evidence. Each unit assignment will be worth 20 points or about 10 percent of your grade.

Essay (Please answer only one essay question): 8 points

Sovereignty is a key issue in a state-based system. Explain the importance and implications of sovereignty. How does sovereignty relate to independence?
Compare and contrast realist and liberal views on the possible roles of IGOs.
Short Answer (Please answer three of five questions): 12 points (4 points each)

List and define three characteristics of the state.
Make the case that states have become either obsolete or necessary.
Should we have a pessimistic or optimistic view of the UN? & Why?
What are the origins of the European Union?
Explain Tharoor’s argument why the U.S. needs the United Nations

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