PPD Enterprise Presentation

PPD Enterprise Presentation

asking you to use background research and knowledge of Enterprise to develop an insightful analysis and recommendations. Your team will create a 10-minute presentation, using a maximum of 5 slides. Your first slide must contain the names and ID numbers of each team member.

Your presentation will be evaluated on aspects of teamwork (coordination and leadership), communication, relevance/realism of ideas (including evidence of research), by the Enterprise staff manager and your own tutor. Feedback will be provided to the team and to each member. Top-performing teams will receive formal recognition from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, as will presentations that are “most professional”, “most innovative”, and “best researched”. Awards will be presented.

look at Patrick’s brief (below) and here is the idea…

‘Suggest new rental services into which Enterprise should expand. Your suggestions should be in line with Enterprise’s mission and values, and must be effectively researched. You will be assessed on the innovativeness of your ideas, commercial awareness, communication and the overall professionalism of your team’.

We have to complete a 10 min presentation including 5 slides, one of which is the title page. If slide 1 and 5 take around 1 minute that means our slides need to be around 2/3 minutes each, if possible.

Pick an area that enterprise are not currently involved in, I am doing the rental of buses/coaches and alex is doing supercars. You have to check enterprise don’t rent it and suggest that they do a new scheme, you pick one, it cud be anything like boats or limos, make a slide onit and say why and how they should do it.

I think we should all investigate an area which enterprise can expand into, pick whatever you want just let everyone so we don’t get any doubles. I want to take the bus/coach area, there are loads to pick from e.g. boats, planes, limos, motorbikes etc. Just make sure they don’t already do it.

In your slide just explain what you suggest they do, why, how and include some commercial awareness.