pre hospital guideline for eye injury

pre hospital guideline for eye injury

You have been charged with designing one clinical practice guideline for paramedics.

You may choose it to be for either;

1)      Eye’s

2)      Nose

3)      Throat

4)      Ears

I have already chosen Eyes

Select your single guideline topic (eg. James’s Paramedic Guideline for Eye’s)
Your guideline should include;
-The pre-hospital assessments you consider need including
-Red-flags (must be referenced)
-Treatment measures available to the paramedic (please limit these to what can be found in a standard ambulance kit)
You may use dot points or flow charts.

It must include a reference list acknowledging your sources.

The existing marking rubric will be applied to this submission. Knowledge and Application criteria of the rubric will be evaluated by testing your design against specific patient conditions. Eg. Would your eye’s guideline cover patients with retinal detachment conditions?