Predictive Analytics



Industrial Internet Report – 20% of Final Mark

Read articles, case studies, technical papers and/or white papers available on the Industrial Internet Consortium website and answer the following questions:

ABC format = 4 points

introduction = 1 points

body = 1 points ( The main body report must not exceed 10 pages, 1.5 spacing, 1” margin as a maximum, not including the title page, letter of transmittal, table of contents, and the appendix

conclusion = 2  points

References = 3 points (Should be follow a citation style, e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE, etc)

Each one reference = 0.5

Depth of analysis = 8 points

basic analysis = 6 points

intermediate analysis = 7 points

advanced analysis = 8 points

  1. Describe how predictive analytics can be used to automatically govern processes and systems.


  1. Describe how industrial internet solutions allow for optimization at the asset, facility, fleet and network levels.


  1. Describe how predictive analytics and optimization is accomplished automatically by interconnected machines and devices


  1. Describe how predictive analytics and optimization is accomplished by people at work who are responsible for interconnected machines and devices.


  1. Describe the advantages for people at work that have access to Big Data and real-time data.


  1. List the benefits of having an industrial internet solution for manufacturing. The list should include benefits related to safety, quality, maintenance and production.


  1. Explain how the industrial internet can be used to service the finished product.


  1. Describe how data can be used to monitor, diagnose, predict and optimize manufacturing processes and/or systems.


Presentation (5%)

  • Length: 10 minutes (Maximum)
  • All team members are expected to present (any absent member will get 0% for the presentation mark)
  • Must be consistent with the report, and must include a “References” slide, and your “concept map”


Submission details:

  • Due Date: April 3rd, 2018 – @ 12:00 noon – A penalty of 5% (from the 20%) for each one hour delay.
  • Your submission should be as a Word document:

o          Hard copy: stapled sheets in class, and:

o          Softcopy: through email only

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