preventing cybercrimes

preventing cybercrimes

Please select one of these topics (also on page 443 of The Bedford Guide for College Writers), and write one paragraph on your topic that begins with a topic sentence and supports the topic sentence with details.

the things in my room
my grandmother’s home
a haunted house
a favorite possession    a memorable event
an unusual person
my favorite pet
a hospital room    my job
a classroom
the cafeteria
an incident

Our book suggests that you “include details that appeal to all five senses.” You can do this, but do not automatically include all of these details in your paragraph. Think about which details are most helpful for painting a clear and interesting picture for your readers and for supporting your topic sentence.
The book offers the following tip for writing your topic sentence:
Begin by stating a main idea that conveys an engaging impression of your topic (not “My grandmother’s house was in Topeka, Kansas” but “My grandmother’s house was my childhood haven”).
Part  2)
After you have posted your paragraph, please respond to at least one other student’s paragraph by commenting on which details were most helpful and interesting to you as a reader, and what other sorts of details you would like to see added to the paragraph.
Student Respond 1)    I will never forget the impact returning home for a 9 month deployment feels like. I have returned from a 4 month deployment and a 6 month deployment. On the 4 month deployment I returned home accompanied by my two cousins but returning home from a 9 month deployment was the most memorable. The two homecomings I had before the 9 month deployment return were similar in that it was very cold outside. Stadning on the flight desk with a far beyond brisk wind peircing the skin on my face. The air was cold enough to eliminate my sense of smell and my face was slowly going numb. This 9 month deployment homcoming was different though. The air was warm, it was mid August and it was my last deployment for the next 4 years. As usual, I was standing on the flight deck scanning the pier trying to locate my family. The skipper finally gave the word to “secure from manning the rails”. I immediately reached for my phone and started calling and texting my wife. It was so far away to see, but she could see me based off the description of the location I was at on the ship. Unfortunately it was directly next to an enormous exhaust fan so I was overwhelmed with the smell of diesel fuel. After waiting for nearly three hours, I was finally able to leave the ship. The pier is roughly 300 yards long but the walk down it felt like it was million. When I finally spotted my wife and two little girls, my 4 year old was looking right at me and I could just see the excitment in her face. My wife was gazing into the larger part of the crowd still trying to find me and at the last second notice our child sprint towards me. She finally found me. I bent over and my daughter clinged to me. I stood up and my wife gave me that kiss that we both have been waiting for. I still remember the taste of the lipstick she was wearing. Not the best taste in the world but I will forever remember it. At that point I had realized that the next 4 years of my life will be with my family and without interruption from a deployment.
Student Respond 2 )  June 26, 2013, all of what life’s norms had been, were no longer.  My telephone no longer rings at any time of day or night.  I sit alone on my porch in the darkness of night, my bench yearning for the other presence that always sat next to me in the wee hours of morning.  The laughter that echoed and boomed through the front door with her entrance became silent.  The frustration of disagreement and debate has slowly turned into emptiness at its lack of existence.  I reach for my cell to converse, but no one answers.  I pull up Skype to see her face, but no one will be on the other side of that screen.  The weekends once filled with days at the park, watching movies, going to explore more of the city, eating out, now spent at home.  At home, thinking of every conversation, every discussion, every precious secret told to me, every hurt that I attempted to heal.  The hurt that seemed to be dissipating and improving in her life, that I thought we were working on, one day at a time, has now taken up residence with me only.  She moved out, and moved on, without warning.  I received a goodbye after she was already gone.  She thought enough of me to say goodbye, but no one was enough for her to stay.  On June 26, 2013, one of my closest friends, Qiana, committed suicide.   The idea that time with those not ill or in danger is permanently obliterated completely in my thought processes.  Illness and danger’s appearance have been shattered within the normal thought processes for me.  Qiana was both in ill and in danger, and we were naïve enough to believe she could overcome both, as was she.  She lost her battle.  We lost her presence.  Normal will forev

Our last writing assignment will be a research-supported essay.  In helping you prepare to write this essay, I ask that you complete the following task.

In our last round of conference exercises, you located three potential sources on a topic that you chose.  You filtered the topic a bit and searched on some key words in the UMUC databases.

For this exercise, please complete the following:
find three new articles on your topic  ( preventing cybercrimes) .
Article 1 >>>
Article 2 >>>
Article3 >>>
-Write up a mini annotated bibliography.  For your mini annotated bibliography, you will have the following:
1.    Three articles listed in alphabetical order.
2.    A descriptive summary for each article.  Your summary can be about 100 words.  Please note that I am not asking for an analytical summary.  I am asking for a descriptive summary.
3.    List the source using APA style. The format for a journal article is:

Author last name, Author first initial. (year of publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume #(Issue #), page numbers.

Please take note of the details such as punctuation, capitalization, and italics, and see the examples below.

Your mini annotated bibliography might look something like the following:
Evans, M., & Hopkins, D. (1988).  School climate and the psychological state of the individual teacher as factors affecting the utilisation of educational ideas following an inservice           course. British Educational Research Journal, 14(3), 211-230.
This article analyzes…..(your descriptive summary of about 100 words would go here).

Leithwood, K. Montgomery, D, & Sage Publications, I. (1980, April). Evaluating program implementation. Evaluation Review, 4(2), 193-214. Retrieved from
This article discusses…..(your descriptive summary of about 100 words would go here).

Marsh, C. J. (1987). Implementation of a social studies curriculum in an Australian elementary school. Elementary School Journal, 87, 475-486.
This article reports on a research study…..(your descriptive summary of about 100 words
would go here).

Part3 )
Answer this question

1.    Describe posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Identify some of the biological, psychological, and social factors associated with the disorder.

2.    Describe, using concrete examples, how a behavior therapist might use systematic desensitization and exposure therapy to treat a specific phobia or source of anxiety.