On page 3 is a list of every student in the class.  Look for your name and look for your subject.

You are to create a video and a PowerPoint Presentation.  The video is worth 60% of your project grade and your presentation 40%.   (See Rubrics at the end of the document)

You will need to go to and sign-up for a free account.  There are multiple video samples and tutorials on how to use the site.  There is a limit of 30 seconds for the free account.  You MUST use up the entire 30 seconds for your video.

You will be given a Subject or a Computer Pioneer

You are to research your subject and give me a history of how that subject has evolved technologically since it was created.

DO NOT break out the subjects.  If you have MUSIC, don’t tell me about rock.  I’m not interested in the Genre.  I’m interested how music started to where it is now, digital.

The same for all other subjects; I do not need to know how to use it or other explanations.  How has it evolved from when it first started to where it is NOW?

If you have a pioneer in technology, tell me about the person.  What is he/she credited with inventing/pioneering?  Is the person alive today? If so, what is he/she doing now?  How has this persons concept/invention evolved in today’s market?

For the Video and the PowerPoint you must:
•    Research your subject
•    Find photographs
o    A progression of how it has evolved

Below are the criteria for both the Video and the PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Criteria
•    This step should be created before you do your video.
•    Your Presentation should not be your entire research assignment.
o    Use key words and/or phrases to make your point
o    DO NOT crowd the slides with too much text or pictures
•    The purpose of the presentation is to give the details that the video cannot fit.  You are to speak about your subject/pioneer and then show us the video based on your research.
•    Be sure that your slides contain both text and pictures
o    There should not be any slides with pictures only
•    Be sure to submit a PowerPoint Presentation and not a Slide Show. (be careful on how you save it)
o    The Presentation MUST have a minimum of 12 slides.
?    Slide 1:  Title
?    Slide 2:  Objectives
?    Slides 3 – 11:  Presentation
?    Slide 12:  Work Cited, Links and your Video Link
•    This page MUST contain the link to your video

Be sure to add your picture somewhere in the PowerPoint Presentation.

Video Criteria:

•    This step should be completed after you finished the presentation
•    You MUST include a picture of yourself either at the beginning (after the title) or at the very end
•    You MUST include your works cited and resource links
•    You must include a song(s)
•    Your video MUST contain some of the research (TEXT), it cannot be pictures only.
•    The Video MUST be 30 seconds
o    This is the limit from the free account
•    It is IMPORTANT that you pick and choose the information that will represent your subject matter the best.

Due Date:  Thursday, June 18, 2015 – Midnight

Late presentations will be accepted as late as Sunday, June 21, 2015 – Midnight, but 5 points will be deducted for each day after 6/18/15.

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4- Exemplary

Animoto Video
Type of video: Define your type and subject    Video theme or template: Select an attractive theme    Include a picture of yourself    Stay true to the topic assigned    Show pictures of Subject/Pioneer    Show Text    Approriate Content    Grammar apprpriate
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