Project business


Introduction to Business

Group Project



General Information

  • OBJECTIVE: Select a publicly-traded company and assess its’ business position in the past, the present and the future.
  • Use the concepts we have studied this semester,e.g. ethics, social responsibility, management,productivity, marketing, etc.


Grading and deadlines


  • Written report, due for final class – 15%


Written Report


Your report should be about 1500 words. It should be based on twonews/magazine articles about the company’s operations, the company’s Annual Report and the company’s web site. The report should address the following topics:


  • Description of the company’s operations (goods and services). What industry are they in? Who are the major competitors?
  • What was their strategy and outlook in the past, what is it now, and where are they going in the future?
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Which elements of the business environment is your company most sensitive to?
  • What is your assessment of this company? Are they likely to succeed or fail? Why?



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