Project Management

Please advise if you able to help me this term with project management I have an assignment for WBC please see instruction

exercise requires that you use MS Project to develop a simple work breakdown structure using the project management process groups and project knowledge areas (See page 25 of your PMBOK to ensure you have all the processes identified in your WBS). You are just organizing the work of the project in a generic way to ensure that you have identified all the work of the project and how the work results in the deliverables of the project. Students will create a deliverable-based work breakdown structure (WBS) using MS project based on PMI’s process groups and knowledge areas. Coverage of all process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Closing, and Monitoring/Controlling) is required in addition to all knowledge area deliverables outlined in the PMBOK. Submit no later than the unit end date via Blackboard as an attachment. Be sure to include your name in the assignment file name.

Your work breakdown structure should be based on Table 1-4 Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area Mapping (p. 25) in the PMBOK. Check the exercise sample/template linked below to get an idea of how you should structure your plan AND use this file as the starting point/template for your assignment.


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