Unit IVArticle Review
Wade and Tavris explain that various factors combine to influence one’s thinking patterns and behaviors. Most would agree
that we are inundated with outside influences on a continuous basis. The need to stay connected to various forms of media
is growing by leaps and bounds. Have you ever wondered what impact media consumption could be having in your life? Can
viewing violent acts lead to vicious behaviors later?
One particular area worthy of closer examination relates to one’s environment and how extraneous information can intrude
our waking and restful thoughts. In fact, research conducted by Van den Bulck, Cetin, Terzi, and Bushman (2016) revealed
that violent and sexual media viewing can not only influence one’s memories, but this content can have an impact on
dreams as well. Read the article listed below.
Van den Bulck, J., Cetin, Y., Terzi, O., & Bushman, B. J. (2016). Violence, sex, and dreams: Violent and sexual media
content infiltrate our dreams at night. Dreaming, 26(4), 271-279. Retrieved from
After reading the article, write a review of the article that discusses the featured study, literature from the text, and your
opinion of the article as well. Your review should also relate back to the information covered in Unit IV. In your review, be
sure to include the following items:
Briefly introduce and summarize the article.
Identify the authors’ main points.
Explain how the study’s results may differ if conducted in the United States as opposed to using Turkish participants.
Keep in mind that Turkey has stricter sexual media censorship rules than the United States, and violations of such can
produce regulation fines.
Explain additional factors that influence learning, conditioning, and behaviors as outlined in the textbook.
Examine how one’s dreams influence external behaviors.
Describe the impact that violence and social media can have on behaviors.
Relate the article back to this course. Does it support the information in your textbook?
Your article review must be a minimum of two pages in length. You must reference the assigned article and your textbook. If
necessary, you may use other scholarly sources to support your review as well. All sources used must be referenced;
paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Please be sure to cite any outside sources, and
format your paper in accordance with proper APA formatting.

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