Assignment # 4: Person-Centered Theory

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to get a basic understanding of a number of the counseling and psychotherapy theories, it’s time to choose one that speaks to you! Please write a short paper on Person-Centered theory (approximately 2 double-space pages). Please answer each of these questions, worth 5 points each:

Which theory did you choose and which theorist(s) are associated with this theory? How did these theorists contribute to or create the theory?

How does this theory conceptualize psychopathology? (What do the theorists associated with this theory suggest to be the reason for people’s problems? What causes psychopathology in people?)

Which techniques from that theory are you most excited about using? (Please name at least two therapeutic techniques associated with your chosen theorist and describe those.)

What does the research say about the effectiveness of this theory?

What are some of the basic components of this theory that stood out to you? (Why did you choose this theory? What is it about this theory that interested you most?)

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