SPS 104 Psychology of Exercise and Health

Unit 1 Case study/ Interview



Title of Assignment: Case study Unit 1 (50%)


Assessing reasons for and consequences of participation in physical activity:


  • Identify an individual (family member, or friend) who is currently physically active (according to guidelines). Use the current recommendations for physical activity to justify your selection, and following an interview provide a very short background history of your ‘client’. (Provide details of the interview questions in an Appendix of your project).
  • You may wish to consider the following in this section of your project:
    • The use of a short questionnaire to ascertain your client’s motives to participate in physical activity.
    • An interview (include transcript notes in the appendix of your project).
    • Associated theory and evidence to reported reasons and consequences of physical activity participation (e.g. motivation, attitudes, self-efficacy, social physique anxiety, wellbeing, satisfaction, health, fitness, etc.).
    • Reflect on the process:
    • In this section, you are requested to reflect on your reasoning and decision making processes when collecting the data with your client.
    • You should be able to reflect on your experience as a “simulated practitioner” (consider issues such as ease/difficulty in collecting necessary information, showing empathy, usefulness of theoretical knowledge, choice of questions for the interview, the process of conducting the interview, etc)



Word count: 1500 words.


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