List the ten (create a list using numbers 1-10) most interesting facts about human development that you learned in this course. (This assignment is not to be confused with each of the 5 Unit TOP TEN assignments. This assignment covers all 5 units.)

2. Choose one of your top ten and find an online article about it (not Wikipedia).

3. Imagine that you are explaining the fact to a friend. Write a 500-word script that you would use to do so. The script should include information from the textbook as well as the article. Submit this assignment in pdf format.

4. Include a link to the article at the end of your script.

5. This assignment is worth 100 points which is 10% of your grade in this course.

6. This assignment should be completed after the 5 Unit Top Ten assignments are completed, as it will assist you in completing this assignment.

7. This assignment will not be accepted after 11:59 pm on 5/6 (when final exam must be complete and submitted). No exceptions.
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2 Assignment
ou are to number (create a list) from 1 to 10 and list one fact from each chapter in Unit 5 that you found interesting about human development.
Then you must select one fact to write a 150-200 word explanation of why it is interesting to you.
Each TOP TEN assignment is worth 30 points.
This assignment must be submitted in PDF format.
This assignment is due 5/6, no exceptions.

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