Part 2: Psychology Mini-Literature Review Assignment (65 pts.)
There are seven steps to writing a Literature Review after formulating a research
1. Find your sources
2. Summarize and analyze each source:
• A summary responds to the question: “What does this source say?”
• An analysis responds to the question: “What does this source mean?
3. Find the common theme between sources and make notes.
4. Choose 5-7 sources (Scholarly Journals, Textbooks, Websites, etc.…)
5. Arrange sources in appropriate order for text paragraphs.
6. Write introduction.
7. Write conclusion.
Important: You must first visit the VVC Library Learning Resources Center (Psychology Research
Guide) to define and gather information regarding the following two questions: (cut and paste into your url if the link doesn’t work).

You will be writing a “mini” literature review because actual literature reviews may have in
excess of 35 references depending on the research topic (see the Literature review example at
the end of the Syllabus).
1. Length and elements: The body of the paper should be 3-5 (this does not include your title
page, abstract, or references page). Do NOT go over the page limit. It must be double-spaced
and typed. You must include a cover sheet with the title of your paper and your name. After
the cover page (but before the body of the paper) you must include an abstract that follows
APA guidelines. Finally, references should be listed on a separate page after the body of the
paper. Margins should be no wider than 1″. Please number your pages and follow all applicable
APA guideless/rules.
2. Number of references: Your paper should include a minimum of 5 references. Appropriate
sources include: (a) research articles from scientific journals (not popular magazine articles such
as Psychology Today) (b) books (but not encyclopedias or textbooks). I want you to use sources
that have strong scientific support. You must be able to cite your source according to one of
the following formats to APA Style.
3. Appearance: All final papers should be stapled (onsite classes only), proofread, and easy to
read, no less than 12 pt. font in New Times Roman.
4. Format: Your paper should follow APA format. You can consult APA rules on Purdue Owl
and/or use your APA Worksheet for reference.
5. Be certain that your research question or hypothesis is not too broad. See the next two
pages (beginning two pages of a scholarly journal research article) wherein I have marked the
literature review section (this is not the complete article).

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