Keeping in mind that I have chosen Psychodynamic Thoery – Respond positively, specifically and substantially with a minimum of 100 words. No paraphrasing.

Hello Professor and Class,

After reading about the different personality theories Traits (psychodynamic, humanistic, social-cognitive), choose one that most interests you.

The theory that I choose is Trait Theory. A trait is a characteristic pattern of behavior or a disposition to feel and act, as assessed by self-report inventories and peer reports (Myers, 2014). Putting people under the same personality trait cannot perceive their full personalities as individuals. We are unique in how we speak, think, and feel.

Describe what you like about the theory.

What I liked about the theory is the over 18,000 words there are to describe different parts of a personality trait. That no one person is the same we have many qualities that we share with others. I love how we could bring in perception or brain behavior to put into this theory in the way our traits show us how to behave in a situation. Our genes and biology or temperament and behavior style so many things can factor in our personality traits.

Discuss any weaknesses in this theory.

This theory does not focus on how specific traits can influence things like performance in a job. It cannot predict any future behavior and offers no guidance on how to change traits in a particular situation.

Choose a psychological disorder from your readings. Explain the symptoms of this disorder. Then use the personality theory you chose to help understand what might make a person develop the disorder that you chose.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a response whose thoughts are on cleaning or repetitiveness like washing your hands over and over. More common in teens and young adults than among older adults (Myers, 2014). Personality traits and obsessive thoughts could go hand in hand being anxious and reserved could be two traits that affect OCD.

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