Introductory Paragraph

-First paragraph clearly states the target movie.                                                       _1__ out of 1

-First paragraph clearly states whether particular psychological concepts were accurately portrayed or not. These concepts are clearly stated (just limit to the ones you will talk about, you do not need to talk about everything, just pick some that pertain to your hypothesis; elaborate later in the body of the paper).                                                                               _1__ out of 1

-First paragraph clearly presentsa generalhypothesis and lets the reader know generally what the paper will be about. This hypothesis deals with how the portrayal(s) of psychological content in the movie (mentioned just previously) might affect a movie viewer/audience, per psychological theory/research. (Elaborate in the body of the paper, but make the hypothesis clear.                                                                                                                           _1__ out of 1


Body of the Paper

1) The first part of the body discusses whether the assigned film distorts or accurately portrays particular psychological content. These assessments of accuracy/inaccuracy are supported by theory/research/concepts from class. The paper clearly explains psychological theory, research, and/or concepts and how that supports their assessments of accuracy/inaccuracy.

                                                                                                                      _2__ out of 5

2) The second part of the body focusesand elaboratesuponpsychological theory, research, and/or concepts that support the hypothesis about how this portrayal (these portrayals) of psychological content(s) could influence people who watch the movie. Primarily, the psychological content is from the relevant class lectures and readings.

                                                                                                                      _1__ out of 5


-Terms are defined so the naïve reader can follow your points.

_0__ out of 1

-The paper presentsclear examples of scenes from the movie that well exemplify a given psychological theory or concept you used to make your assessment of accuracy or support your hypothesis. That is, you clearly describe a scene from the movie that links to each theory/experiment/term.

_0_ out of 2

The paper clearly indicates whether and how each example supports the hypothesis or not.

_0__ out of 1

-Overall, you maintainthehypothesis throughout the paper, and make it clear how the psychological content and movie examples relate too or support the hypothesis

_0__ out of 1

Conclusion Paragraph

-The concluding paragraph solidifies the take home point with regards to your hypothesis and the support you generated for it.                                                                                            _0__ out of 2




Writing and Formatting
-Written in linear fashion: Ties thoughts together, from sentence to sentence and from paragraph to paragraph. The paper is well organized.                                                                    _1__ out of 2


-The paper is written with clear, efficient, and grammatically correct sentences. The tone of the paper is scientific and not conversational. The paper conveys that a psychological scientist is communicating to non-psychologists. The writing is professional and respectful. The paper avoids passive voice.

_2__ out of 2


-APA formatting                                                                                                      _1__ out of 1



Font/margins/spacing problems                                                                    ____up to -3

Shorter than 2 pages                                                                                     ____up to -20

Late (-5 per class period, starting at midnight)                                            ____up to -20

Plagiarism/issues with citations                                                                     ____up to -20


TOTAL __10______/25


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