Psychology Case Study

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Neuropsychology Case Study Assignment


Students will be required to write a fabricated case study based upon a specific neuropsychological disorder. The neurological disorder for this case study assignment is Anterograde Amnesia. It is a requirement that the case study is fabricated – that is it must not be copied from existing case studies in the literature. You can draw ideas from existing case studies but you must write your own individual case study based on your own hypothetical patient. The case study will have two sections: 1) background section and 2) case study section. You should use technical terms and abbreviations but define them.

Around 10 references are required for the information provided in the background section and references must be many primary articles (such as research or journal articles) and a few secondary articles (such as reviews). References are not required in the case study section. The maximum word limit for this assignment is 1500 words. The word count does NOT include the title or reference list. All figures/tables (if included), subheadings and in text citations are included in the word count. The case study must be written in APA style– correctly formatted subheadings, paragraphs, page numbers, title page etc. There should be use of good written expression– correct spelling, grammar, use of jargon and scientific language.




  • Background (approx. 500 words) must contain:
  • Characteristic symptoms – symptoms of the disorder and their incidence, described and defined.
  • Neuropathology associated with the syndrome (provide broad overview) – neuropathological profile is outlined making reference to the mechanisms and location of injury.
  • Diagnostic procedures – outline of test/s used for diagnoses and their results.
  • Treatment/management programs – describe what the treatment/management technique involves and what symptom/s it is targeting.


  • References (only required for the background section) – these must be presented in APA format.


  • Case study (approx. 1000 words) section must contain:
  • Note: The case study should be plausible and realistic based on the body of knowledge regarding your chosen disorder. The case study must be your own fabrication.
  • Patient history and background – outline of basic demographic information about the patient (eg: age of onset of condition).
  • Incident that gave rise to the syndrome – clearly outline the event/s that lead to the syndrome (eg: accident), or the circumstances that gave rise to the person undergoing diagnostic tests.
  • Presenting symptoms – outline of their symptoms, including both physical and psychological features.
  • Tests conducted and results – description of the tests used and test results. Use of appropriate scientific terminology is required.
  • Progress and recovery – the description of the progression of the disease should be realistic based on current understanding of the disorder (eg: speed of progression of symptoms). This should be discussed making reference to their presenting symptoms.
  • Therapies/treatments/management and their outcomes – clearly outline techniques used and their effect.
  • Prognosis and recommendations – these should be discussed in reference to the presenting symptoms. These should be realistic based on current knowledge of the disorder.



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