Psychology Research Paper

The main reason to organize a psychological research paper is to provide detailed information of your work in a presentable way. The paper is organized in different parts to give an account on how a critical psychological problem was addressed. In psychological research the apparatus used are different with other social sciences because it mostly deals with human beings directly. Below is a how a psychological research paper is structured.


The main formats used to write a title page are, APA, Chicago, MLA and Harvard styles. Hence it is advisable to use one of them depending on your take. The title page reflects such details as the name of the researcher and the title of the research.


Abstract is a brief summary of what the reader would encounter in the whole paper research. It gives an account of each other section of the paper apart from conclusion and recommendation. Its main focus is the problem statement, methods and the apparatus used and the findings made. It is imperative to note that, an abstract should not exceed 150 words, in addition it should be written in past tense.


Introduction part addresses detailed information about the problem in question whereby you are supposed to state the problem and a give the value of the research is expected to have on the audience. Further give an account of literature review of the research topic. This helps the reader of the research to have deep knowledge of the research topic. Finally state the research questions and consequently give the hypothesis which depicts a tentative conclusion. The length of introduction in psychological research paper is approximately two pages however it should not exceed two and half pages.


The methods which have been used to collect data for the research paper should be outlined. You should also give the reasons behind the choice of the methods you have used. Ostensibly, it is required that you compare different methods and give an account of how you settled on that method. The other account is the method used to analyze data. These are methods selected by the researcher to analyze the collected data in order to present his findings. This includes standard deviation, graphs, mean etc.


In psychological research the data which is collected should be accurately recorded and presented. Mostly, the recorded data is given in tables because it usually presents a correlation kind of data. During presentation the correlation is reflected in either graphs, pie charts or other statistical tools. This part represents the findings which were made in the research hence it should be carried with utmost care.


The discussion section of a psychological research paper normally gives out the out come of the research. The first thing which is addressed is normally the evaluation of the research questions. The evaluation addresses the support of each research question and accounts the findings made to satisfy the causality which is the basis of psychological research questions. The section further examines the relationship of the variables given by the records and presentation to establish the findings made in order to discuss the results objectively. The theoretical and practical applications and implications of the findings made are further discussed. In this case the researcher helps to give solutions to the problem basing his argument on the findings made.

The section finally provides suggestion of the researcher on the advice he would like to give concerning future research on psychological problem.


This section highlights the important points in the whole research. It commonly deals with the findings made and the solution provided by the research. Further it discusses the opinion of the researcher concerning the causes of the psychological problem and the possible solutions.


This is the list of all the sources that have been used in the research. The references should be listed in accordance to the universally accepted formats depending on the taste of the researcher.


This is additional information of other sources that have been used in the research paper. This may include things like charts, maps and abbreviations.



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