Guidance Notes for Essay:
As a guide, the word count for this essay should be 1000 words.
Choose three disorders from the following list:
 Anxiety
 Depression
 Eating Disorders
 Schizophrenia
 Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Research different explanations, to find out the causes for each of these disorders, from a range of sources. Use journals, books and magazine articles as a starting point.
Evaluate the explanations for the causes of the disorder:
– What arguments have been given for the causes of each disorder?
– Critically analyse these arguments
– Summarise the outcome
Remember to utilise what you have learnt, about how to structure an essay, from previous work, and stay objective by avoiding personal opinion.
Drafts are not allowed for this assignment but if you have any concerns or queries, contact your tutor for guidance.

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